Jing-Jing Qi – God save the Queer

It all started with a conversation I had with one of my lesbian friends. She told me that she had trouble finding the right outfit and she sometimes was mistaken for a man when she went to the lady’s room. She wants peo- ple to know that she is a woman but usually they think the opposite of her simply based on how she dresses herself.

With the strong growth of the garment industry, people gradually get lost in the variety of all the kinds of inexpensive, yet style-uniformed clothes, which leads to a loss of individual identities. Meanwhile, there are groups of people who want to express their own personalities and even the declara- tion of their sexual orientations through the way they dress. Unfortunately, the major fashion industry fails to support the in-depth variety of personal styles.

We need an opportunity to express ourselves!

This is my collection for lesbians. In parallel to the historical develop- ments, it begins with a masculine look, goes to a butch-femme style and ends with a feminine style but enriched with lesbian inspired details: clas- sic tailoring suit for men but fit for a curvy, female body; A pair of slack- trousers with a »not straight« pattern line; A waistcoat with a corset built inside; A wedding dresses whose underdress »comes out« of the backside. A little rainbow flag hidden inside the arm line, just to name a few. My target group is lesbians. At the same time, it should also provide thought impulses for people who have preconceptions about queers. This is my final collection as a student, yet a new beginning. God Save the Queer.

Fotograf: Norbert Müller

Model: Laura, Paula, Limeng, Dilan